The 2016 race for the white house was a pivotal election with 45 taking the biggest electoral college victory since, well, this election! In addition the President would have taken a sweeping popular vote victory if it wasn’t for ill eagles voting illegally. They must have been really sick too if they couldn’t even fly. Probably why they were so concentrated in California.

The win drove home the message that people wanted change. Fed up with career politicians subject to baseless attacks they opted for a wealthy conspiracy enthusiast prone to making baseless accusations.

That man is 45 and his appeal to the right wing is easy to see:

1: He is a master storyteller. It is a rare talent to be able to craft pure fiction from thin air, but he does it, again and again and again! Bigly!

2: He isn’t burdened with the experience of middle class struggles like pumping your own gas, buying groceries, changing lightbulbs  or even changing diapers. (Possible but unlikely exception for his own.)

3: He’s had three wives. Most people give up at one, but cheaters never quit.

4: He’s done more for conspiracy theories than the X-Files and red markers combined.

5: He’s single-handedly raised awareness of not one, but TWO terrorist attacks, covered up so thoroughly they didn’t even happen!

Indeed the ferocity of the opposition to Obama’s administration cannot come through more completely than in their selection of a party champion. An individual who is the very antithesis of Obama’s polished, thoughtful, chained to the confines of reality and decorum, tenure. Fourty-five is truly the candidate of the people…who thought Obama was a Muslim spy.