There is an image circulating lately that is attributed to the women’s march on Washington. It features women holding a sign that says “make them pay for razors if we pay for tampons.”

Oh how men of all stripes are jumping on that one. Men from the US of A with a certain agenda that is. They have all kinds of “comebacks” ranging from “No more government issued razors, guys.” to “Does anyone know where I can pick up some free razors?” all the way to this gem: “For the record, demanding that other people pay for your tampons is not feminism. It’s retarded.

I’m sorry I had to link you to this nonsense. I apologize for lowering your IQ, but there’s an important point to be made here.

The sign is from a march in Trafalgar square, LONDON. Not Washington, District of Columbia.

It doesn’t take an advanced technological capability to or gobs of search time to figure that out. It takes two eyes. The background of that picture is clearly visible despite close cropping, and that dome? It’s not The National Mall, US. It’s The National Gallery, UK.

But why let someone protesting tax policy in another country get in the way of some good old fashioned ‘look at this stupid feminist who thinks everything should be free’ bashing in the US, right? We already have republican Senators going on hate filled tirades about “painted women” wanting free stuff so it’s easy to think tampons are part of that package. If we pretend really hard that there’s a women stateside that thinks men get free razors we can prove all the women are imbeciles and undeserving of consideration! Particularly hilarious when you find that the people mocking Washington marchers as rabid feminists using a tax protest sign from Europe are actually pretty anti-tax themselves.

It takes an awful lot of pretending to ignore that and construct the evil feminist wanting to freeload narrative. Not only do women here not think men get free razors or that they should get free tampons, the women who actually held those signs don’t either. It was a soundbite to convey their dissatisfaction with a luxury tax the EU imposes on menstruation related products but not on razors. It wasn’t they wanted *free* stuff so much as duty free…or even more to the point, *equitable application of tax.* As Russell Howard hilariously said when addressing the idiocy of taxing feminine hygiene goods as a luxury: “They’re tampons, they’re not Ferrero Rocher.”

A few other make pretend narratives out there are:

The protestors don’t give a rats ass about the environment, a criticism sparked by another willful misunderstanding of pictures where signs were left in front of Trump hotels as part of the protest. A picture might be worth a thousand words but proper context is worth ten times that.

The protest was violent and sparked a lot of arrests. Again blaming the peaceful marchers for the crimes of others as the violence and arrests were attributed to anarchists, among other groups.

That the march is rendered invalid by images of some celebrity participants unrelated provocatively clad performances. Odd since they don’t seem to consider their own movement tarnished by a nude model as a first lady. To be clear there is nothing wrong with what either set of women did. The problem is individuals perpetrating the notion that women exercising sexual autonomy don’t also merit respect or revoke the right to participate in politics. To add the cherry on top of this banana’s logic they accuse the movement of hypocrisy for pointing out fundamentalist hypocrisy! It’s basically ‘Y is a hypocrite but instead of changing its behavior it calls X a hypocrite by deliberately misconstruing how X pointed out the hypocrisy.” It’s a roller-coaster of willful ignorance.

My favorite by far is the George Soros was behind it claim. Nothing is more entertaining to me than the supposed all encompassing, invisible power of this man. It’s quite the paradox. The same side that supposedly works feverishly to do defend against the racism, silencing and gender oppression of everything from communism to sharia law seems to take no issue with themselves attempting to silence women and men exercising their constitutional right to assemble while demonizing a philanthropic democracy spreading Jew as the fascist omnipotent boogyman behind it.

It’s the bitter, overwrought, conspiracy icing on the deflection and alternative fact marble cake.