When this country started it was barely a drop in the continent. Now it’s a global powerhouse where any two current Congressional House districts dwarf the entire resident population of its infancy.

The idea of small government in a country so large is almost comical. At its inception a congressional district represented 30,000 people. In that time it’s grown to an average of nearly 700,000.

The idea is even more absurd when you consider the number of elected seats available beyond the federal level. So many people only get involved when there’s a presidential election and only pay attention at the federal level. That means they skip the majority of elections that have immediate impact on their daily lives and where their vote holds the most weight.

There is no election off season! Local elections aren’t tethered to the federal presidential and midterm calendar. Register and research so you can make government work for you.

Compound your impact by being heard at every tier.

There may be times in life when silence is a virtue but those times are NOT when your government is OF, FOR AND BY THE PEOPLE.

It’s a closed system. Every action has an impact, even apathy and non participation. The less you put in the less you get out. Representatives work for all the people in theory but they’re only culpable to the ones who vote. So why not step in and cast your ballot so you can make the most of it?

You have everything to gain and nothing to lose by doing so.

Each chamber of Federal and State government typically has a website that allows you to find your representatives, see what is happening, check the calendar, inform yourself about special committees and read about legislation. Local government tracking varies greatly depending on size and resources but is usually easily find with a few keyboard strokes on the Google machine. Still need a hint? Try your local board of elections.

Aside from that a myriad of legislation and funding trackers exist to help you learn about what is being proposed in your local government, state governments, around the country, and in the federal tier.

Google is your friend and don’t forget Twitter! Social media is an excellent resource for finding representatives from all levels and making your opinions known.

Now you have the means to get started. Be the change.  #GoVoteItUp.

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