The words of friends echo through my ears as days fall aside leaving a trail of fears.

My chest tightens with the tear soaked pleas of those who lost and now are frightened.

Fears and frights from re-emerging fights.

Memories of pain called back with disdain.

Contempt wrapped in elitism coated in greed, set to enrich itself on those most in need.

Othered and smothered by strangers picking fights to justify their exclusive rights.

So much for hypocrite condemning Christianity. the eye of that needle has grown exponentially.

Atop gold plated podiums they pervert labor, clueless they are the murderous crowd not cross borne savior.

Lusting for vengeance against no crime, they ask us to loose the fiend and execute the fine.

For nothing sates the insatiable quite like a sinless sacrifice.