You have two groups of people who love donuts. They practically worship at the altar of Dunkin.

Both groups have a health condition that makes excessive fat and sugar consumption life threatening.

One group does their best to eat healthy and exercise but despite their best efforts they occasionally break down and eat a donut. Sometimes it’s no big deal and sometimes their condition acts up a little depending on how far off the wagon they fell. Ultimately the consequences are a small and easily contained reminder of why they work so hard to stay healthy.

The other group doesn’t even try to eat healthy or exercise. They just binge recklessly on boxes and boxes of Donuts. Ultimately consuming infinitely more fat and sugar than their counterparts. They always feel terrible emotionally and physically. They have trouble functioning in their daily lives but place the blame everywhere but on their consumption of donuts. Instead of seeking help or reflecting on the damage donuts are doing to them they eat more donuts. They no longer just consume donuts because they like them but also in defiance of those who care enough to point out the harm it is doing. They write off any questions about the ramifications of their excessive donut consumption as part of a massive underground attempt to alter the thinking of donut lovers and use that as an excuse to double down.

When they see their doctor the first group is told to continue staying away from donuts and maintaining their healthy lifestyle.

The second group is told they need to come to terms with the damage donuts are doing to their life and be more selective about what they eat, to which the second group replies; “shut the fuck up you lying Soros loving sheep! Medicine is a libtard plot to hide the lizard people who created the fish people to work with the demon people in currency manipulation, beta oppression, gun grabs, chemtrail distribution, donut abolition, and general nefarity of the global domination variety!”

At which point the doctor gave up since they had maybe a year to live at best anyway.