An inspiring that tells the tale of a young couple brought together by the internet is trending on social media this week.  Tim Libernazi, a hardcore gamer, men’s rights activist, convicted felon and all around nice guy, and his girlfriend Marla Shasbik, a sandwich making doormat, are garnering a lot of attention for a recent video they posted relating the story of how they met and how Tim eventually won Marla over.  The newly engaged couple never dreamed their story would inspire so many but the proof is in the shares as their YouTube account is set to reach the one million hits mark.

In the video Marla recounts their first meeting.  It was on a Facebook page for girl gamers, she had made a comment defending Anna Sarkeesian. She condemnined the harassment Sarkeesian experiences at the hands of groups who don’t want to see broader appeal gaming and expressed support for the work of advocates who encourage developers to make more minority friendly characters and end the use of rape as a tool for entertainment.

I laugh when I look back on it now” Marla states with a giggle “I was so naïve to think any games should be made with themes I enjoy!  In hindsight I was really lucky that Tim came along to make an honest woman out of me or I might have gone on forever thinking what I like mattered.  When I voiced my stupid opinion Tim was there to catch me.  He checked my privilege, calling Sarkeesian a dumb cunt and telling me I was a fat ugly bitch who needed to get laid by a real man. That’s when he started stalking me, hurling insults and posting my personal information all over the internet trying to encourage criminals to go after me and my family. It was then that I realized he was right and saw how sweet he was for saving me from myself. I could have single handedly ruined video gaming for everyone. He never gave up on me though. He was always there with threats of physical violence against me until I came to my senses.

It is at that point that Tim bashfully chimes in. “Well yeah, I mean I’m a nice guy and Marla unlike all the other stupid feminazi cunts on the internet was able to see that, she’s not a alpha douchebag loving whore ya know? She gets me and she understands how romantic and thoughtful stalking is, and that’s why she has the honor of being my bitch.  I can always count on her for sandwiches and she doesn’t nag like a dumb cuntwhore when I decide to play the new World of Warcraft expansion for three days straight instead of getting a job or meeting minimum hygiene requirements.

Marla adds to that explaining: “Tim really is a nice guy, I mean he spends hours and hours on the internet trying to help these stupid bitches that think they are special or something and I mean he’s the victim, that felony charge was his ex.  That cunt wanted to ruin his life just because he showed up at her job and trashed her car with a baseball bat when she acted like a total whore and made another guy a sandwich. She was all ‘Tim you stupid fuck, this is Subway, it’s my job to make sandwiches, where I get paid real spendable money, not bitcoin and crafting items’ but we all know that’s just a fucking thin ass cover for cheating.”

The bond between the two is evident to anyone watching as Tim lovingly hugs her around the neck and shoots her furtive glares.  “Yeah I can really tell how much he loves me by all the time he put in stalking my Facebook Profile; I mean he cares SO MUCH about everything I do, he cares about what I say, what I like, what I look like, what I wear, what I eat, where I go, who I talk to, what I watch…I mean it never ends.  It takes a lot of effort to love someone that hard.  But it’s not just that, he’s always trying to help me be a better person by telling me all the ways I’m doing life wrong.  He’s not afraid to get real with it y’know and call me a fat bitch or a stupid slut.  One time I liked this female Dev’s page and like five seconds later he inboxed me saying I should be raped by a thousand rabid whalesharks and I was like OMG ya know, OMG I just really needed to hear that.  That’s how he takes care of me.”

One thing is for sure, the internet may have changed a lot of things but this modern day Romeo and Juliet make it clear it hasn’t changed love!  In this fast paced digital age it’s always heartwarming to hear the multitude of stories like this coming forth, to hear real gentleman still exist and aren’t afraid to sweep a woman off her feet like a modern day Casanova.  Be still my beating heart!